Friday 12 October 2018

We had such a great day we wanted to share some of it with you!

We took the kids on an adventure (within the room!) exploring the sun and the moon. The kids were introduced to over 10 basic yoga poses based on our adventure and everyone learnt how to perform our ‘Sun Routine’ based on Sun Salutation. 

The kids were also introduced to mindfulness through guided relaxation and belly breathing, as well as mindful values such as caring and respect.

In addition to this, we explored two key foundations of a healthy mind and body – Physical and Emotional. We used a tree as a metaphor for our body and each time the kids did something positive to promote Physical or Emotional they were able to add leaves to our tree…thus resulting in a very healthy tree by the end of day 🤓

Each child played a role in the creation of our healthy afternoon snack (Cookie Dough Bliss Balls) which were a big hit, especially the taste testing of the choc chips!!

Overall it was a really positive day and we’ve shared some of the pics below. We feel lucky to have had such a lovely bunch of respectful and caring kids. Thanks for sending your kids to Well Street and we hope they enjoyed the day!

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Keep well,

The Well Street Team